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Friday 18 December 2015

v.a.-Nightmare Begins At 6am-(Joukkomurha Prods-c60-1993-Finland)

This cassette was released by Joukkomurha productions in Finland in December 1993. It features quite a lot of unknown bands in the area of experimental music and/or weird sonic feelings. The compilation was assembled thinking about the subject of FEAR. Joukkomurha productions was a very active tape label in the 90s that was very keen to release any kind of weird music with no particular attention to the music genres and scenes. This release came out as a c60 tape and it had: a black & white photocopy cover with the addresses, list of bands involved, and a few other infos(included in this folder). Good muzik by very obscure projects and musicians-Enjoy The FEAR!
a02-LORD LITTER-freak
a03-ELETTRO ALPHA-horror`s miracle
a04-PIGPILE-freak show
a05-PIGPILE-empty vessels
a07-ETAT DES STOCKS-cymballium
a08-EPA NYYRO-horror mind1
a09-EPA NYRRO-horror mind 2
a10-THE BLUBBERHEADS-a real good boy
a11-JOE SHMOE-i suing the world
a12-ETAT DES STOCKS-falling stars
b01-ELETTRO ALPHA-another side of my sensitiviness
b02-ETAT DES STOCKS-work till you die
b03-GRUNT-fear factory-total confusion
b04-ANGELKILL-and freaks were their name
b05-HYPNOSPACE-post sleep nightmare
b06-ELETTRO ALPHA-silva barsi recites a pabla neruda's poetry
b07-ELETTRO ALPHA-cut my nail

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