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Friday 25 December 2015

v.a.-PORNOGRAPHY-(BV Tapes-UK-c90-1993)

This is an amzing compilation+fanzine inspired by the theme:Pornography.It does include very good artists of the industrial/drone/ambient and noise scene of the 90s.
It came out with a 24 A5 pages booklet with interviews to porn stars,articles against the censorship,stunnig graphix works,debates about different issues of this so much discussed subject.
Additional copy art works by E.A. ghost collective and more little gifts are all included in a plastic forlder.Limited edition of 150 hand numbered copies.
All the package is just beautiful, and everybody will notice that there was a very good effort to make this compilation tape as special & nice as possible.
BV Tapes was a small UK cassette-only noise label from the early 1990s,a discogs page about it is here.
Enjoy it.

A1 Hypnoskull You Love To Make Me Come, Don't You? - Part One
A2 factor X With Family Of Noise V. Gen (Demo Version)
A3 Ercole Anemico* Electric Tie
A4 Seg (2) Sie Wollte Es Nicht!
A5 Skinflick Productions Filth (Outta My Face)
A6 Etat Des Stocks Poor-know-graphics
A7 M.NOMIZED Quand Le Sexe Passe
A8 The Rorschach Garden Disable Pornography And Make Some Orgys With Your Friends....
A9 Tofu Surprise 658-968
A10 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock With DJ. fX I Fucked The Dog Then I Was Sick
B1 Herb Mullin Coitus Interruptus Part 4
B2 Skinflick Productions Slit Yer Throat (Like A Pig)
B3 Costes Mummy, I Want To Lick Your Pussy
B4 Abraxas (4) Total Control
B5 Hypnoskull With Godwin D.J. Potts Pornographic Pigs
B6 Lapse (7) Degrader
B7 Ercole Anemico* Suicide Sex Mania
B8 Another Headache Contact
B9 Teatro Satanico Charles Manson* L'Orribile Coito
B10 Expose Your Eyes Here She Comes