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Thursday 29 September 2016

ATTRITO-Demo-(Self Released+La Pernakkia On Tapes-Italy-1990)

This one was posted on Italian Do It Yourself blog few years ago,yet Gianmaria didn`t post the booklet included in this tape,so I am now posting the whole production.
This is the first band using this name,in fact it is not to be confused with the band with the same name formed in 2008 and still active.
Some of them went on playing in other bands:Fuck Simile in the 90s and I Magneti nowadays.
La Pernakkia was an anarcopunk zine active in the self managed channel of the squats and diy distros in the 80s.
The booklet reports interviews and info about the roman punk scene of the late 80s:very interesting.I am afraid it is only in italian language. 
Enjoy it.
ps-a very big thanx to Gianmaria of Italian Do It Yourself for this rip :)
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