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Thursday 25 October 2018


An old sampler of industrial,experimental electronics,avant-garde and early rhythmic noise released by the (now) famous Ant-Zen label.
It came out in a limited edition of 200 hand-numbered copies packaged inside a vinyl case, with a 40 page booklet & an insert-(not all the scans included here).
Ant-Zen Full name: Ant-Zen audio & visual arts.Selfpromoted as Industrial Music, Chilling Ambient, Technoid Rhythms & Power Electronics. Ant-Zen is deduced from "Anti Zensur" (= anti censorship).
Ant-Zen is the most important label in the newer German Industrial scene. It started in the early 90s as a tape label that later also released vinyl and cds. Mastermind S.Alt (Stefan Alt) also did most of the layouts and packaging of the releases. While the earlier releases are more into noise, the new output has a more technoid style that is still very experimental.
Ant-Zen is also the German distributor of a lot of other labels and runs a small mailorder.
Their actual webpage is here. 
Enjoy it.
A1 The Thieves Of Impressions Jerusalem AD 1099 2:32
A2 Maeror Tri Ultramundan 6:24
A3 Nimoy Hysteresis 2:15
A4 Pineal Gland Zirbeldruese Perversion 7:30
A5 Fellatio Et Cunnilingus Abuse Me 5:39
A6 Mortuo Similis Sexuali 6:42
A7 The Heisenberg Experiment Melanocetes 4:54
A8 Leiche Rustikal Nymphenburg 7:00
B1 P·A·L Terrible Hangdown 4:55
B2 Salt Yellow Liquid 3:42
B3 Drape Excrement Carousel 3:59
B4 Pale Action Vision 3:13
B5 Telepherique Reaktion (Live In Munich June 1993) 7:42
B6 Contagious Orgasm Sadistic New Red School 7:02
B7 Söldnergeist Fremde Schritte 4:47
B8 Stin Scatzor Chemical Warface 2:27
B9 The Thieves Of Impressions The Ripple Song 2:19
B10 KW (2) Pflichtwicht 1:47

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