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Tuesday 10 March 2020

DJINN-Katharos-(Slaugther Productions-Italy-2002)

Djinn project was founded by Vintras in 1999, as an act of detachment from one's social life and the pathetic rules which it can invite. Sounds reflecting into the vision of their creation of a world inhabited by his own assassins. The only solution to already too widespread illness. Silence and loneliness, the only sources of survival. Suicide, the emergency door for a few people. The first steps of Djinn are named "Ritual". They take shape in a 5 tracks demo tape. Between 2001-2002 Vintras is noticed by Marco Corbelli alias Atrax Morgue, who ultimately funded his first chapter entitled, "Katharos", under his label (Slaughter Productions). In 2002 Vintras self-produces a 3" mini cd called "Multiple Personality Distorted" containing 3 tracks. In 2003 he gives to birth the second chapter "Technological Death" still under Slaughter Productions. In 2004 the third chapter turned out to be prophetic with the title "Goodbye" closing the collaboration with Slaughter. For the first time, it includes a cover of a project that Vintras always appreciated. 
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1 Devout 8:36
2 Antisocial Evolution 9:57
3 237 6:38
4 The Night Of Silence 4:20
5 Genocide In The Name Of God 8:01
6 Soul's Suicide 8:57
7 W.A.T.S.H. 5:18
8 Under The Sign Of Loneliness 6:56
9 ...... 1:13


Comes in the DVD case. Edition of 100 hand-numbered copies. 


  1. THANKS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. So far, silence & loneliness DO seem to be the only solution to an already widespread illness. Here's hoping you all stay healthy, out there…