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Wednesday 22 October 2014

v.a.-L` ITALIA-TAGLIA -(4 cassettes-MegaMagoMusic-Italy-1985)

Mega compilation edited and distributed by MegaMagoMusic,indipendent label managed by Fiori Alberto Carones during the 80s.Those 4 tapes offer us a good selection of Italian bands of that era,mainly new wave,there is also a bit of punk and experimental/industrial music.
The 4 tapes were wrapped inside a hard paper parcel closed with a sticker,every band had his own graphix+info on an A5 sheet.You will find in this folder all the relevant scans.
I am adding here the translation of the introduction that Alberto wrote to present this long compilation.

"L`Italia-Taglia is a compilation based on the will to play music for our own pleasure and the people`s pleasure.We hope that the co-operation started with this work will keep going in the form of organizing gigs  and making this action bigger to get more people involved.
In saying "thank you" to all the bands for their collaboration I can only add a sad note.
In 6 months spent to assemble this compilation I have noticed,with big sadness,that the most of the italian bands miss the quality called professionalism.
Long live to whom deserve it."

Enjoy those tapes...a very good work that depicts quite well the Italian scene of the mid 80s.

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A1 Endless Nostalgia Drawing Cover 4:23
A2 Endless Nostalgia Waiting For My Secret Pride 2:44
A3 Illogico Corpo A Corpo 4:59
A4 D.H.G.* Il Grande Freddo 5:03
B1 D.H.G.* Vendetta 2:11
B2 Studio Baker Zapoteck's Will 4:06
B3 Studio Baker Wetback Mambo 5:46
B4 Plasticost L'Essenza Dei '60 3:53
B5 Plasticost Orghi-porghi 3:55
C1 Venhaville* Bangkok 4:07
C2 Venhaville* Phobos 5:36
C3 Panoramics Small Boy's Lament 4:22
C4 Panoramics Tombola 3:58
D1 Mono (16) A Blue Dress For September 4:36
D2 Mono (16) Elevators And Pyramids 3:50
D3 Aqua (8) Necronomicon 3:31
D4 Aqua (8) Ernesto 3:11
D5 Splinters Of Hate, The* Happy Crazy Happy 1:57
E1 F.A.R.* Piccole Lucidità 5:16
E2 F.A.R.* Cathedral (V Movemets) Paura-Estasi-Volo-Urlo-Paura. Solitudine In Un Ampio Spazio Vuoto 5:02
E3 Tacite Intese Dance With Me 3:07
E4 Tacite Intese The Shine Of The Fire 3:30
F1 Militia (4) Quadrilla 4:40
F2 Nabat Laida Bologna 3:09
F3 Nabat Potere Nelle Strade 2:07
F4 G. Bardini* Sincretismo - Flute In G. Soundscapes - Project n° 1 7:22
G1 Exex Namenlos 5:17
G2 Exex Let Me Kill 3:30
G3 Janitor Of Lunacy In The Glove Of The Night 2:58
G4 Giorgio Borghini Housewives Keep Awake 5:51
H1 Hat Hat Prima Che Si Chiuda Il Sipario 3:22
H2 Hat Hat Bequem 6:39
H3 Bi Nostalgia & The Orwellian Confraternity* What Use Do It Fall? 3:46
H4 Bi Nostalgia & The Orwellian Confraternity* Tears Of A Rainy Daay 4:43


  1. unfortunately the link does not work anymore... can you please check it? Thank you very much for your precious work!

  2. @roberto---the link is been replaced---it should be ok now,try again...