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Monday 6 October 2014

ETAT DES STOCKS-Bruxellisation-(Video-Red Neon Tapes-Belgium-199?)[Unreleased On The Net]

I already posted  the soundtrack of this video tape-here that post,I also spoke  various times about Red Neon Tapes, Belgian label managed by Patrick Parent,who is also the mind behind Etat Des Stock and this video.
As far as I know this film is unreleased on the net,it was a long 115 mins VHS tape made of pure experiments mixing video and electronic music,very  good indeed and totally 90s.Patrick describes it as "a collection of poor images and bad sounds"!!!
Big thanx to B.A.O. for the conversion from VHS  to digital format.
Enjoy this rare video.

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  1. Hola amigo, te estoy muy agradecido por compartir esta rareza, los aportes en cintas de electrónica experimental son únicos!.