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Saturday 11 October 2014

CITY INDIANS-Roots Of Freedom-(Self released-UK-1987)

This demo was already on Terminal Escape blog,that file is dead now.
This is my rip and the cover sleeve has a different colour paper.Their first demo "Spoilsports" is still available on  the same blog,get it here.
For whom do not know them,City Indians plays old anarco-punk,they remind me some stuff of Rudimentary Peni.This cassette came out with a lyric sheet,I made few scans of it.
Enjoy this legendary tape.
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  1. Do you know who designed that cover? I have a tape (which is posted on my blog) that has the same picture. Just curious.


  2. Hi Costanzo,I am sorry I do Not know the artist who made this drawing...:(
    gonna look in your blog for it,i am kind of curious.