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Wednesday 1 October 2014

Flashpoint n2-(fanzine,Usa-March 1996)

Flashpoint was a fanzine created and distributed by Shannon Colebank in Portland(USA)!! Shannon was very active in the fanzine network, in fact, she was also behind the legendary ""The Whizzbanger Guide To Zine Distributors!" an excellent guide to the world of the underground publications. I might post here an issue of it in future.
Flashpoint was instead her personal fanzine and each issue was dedicated to a specific subject-the number 1 was about religion and all the related contents.
This is the second number and it is about gender roles,it is an 88 A4 pages long and it covers lots of points about this subject.: sexism, patriarchy, feminism...
As an introduction, I am going to attach here what Shannon wrote to open this issue.
I think this is an excellent fanzine with a very in-depth research into this theme, and yes it was printed in 1996 but everything here it is still very up to date.
Enjoy it.
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