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Thursday 9 October 2014

ONCO+CULVER-Cold Build Increase-(Matching Head-UK-c60-1996)

Another collaboration via the letter box,this is in fact not a split tape but a full music collaboration between the English artist Lee Stokoe aka Culver and the Italian artist Onco,they give us those postal duets except track A9 and B on a full c60.
It was 1996 and internet was just starting slowly!!
Artists still used the snail mail network to exchange tape-productions
 and fanzines or co-operate in various ways.
I love the "ready-made" artwork on the actual cassette 
  with re-cycled used stamps 
from Italy and England,marking the real fact of their postal collaboration.
Another great cassette  released by the amazing Matching Head.
Enjoy it.
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