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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

v.a.-ENDZEITKONSTRUKTIONEN-(Neuzeitliche Tonkonstruktionen-Germany-1993-double c90)

Amazing compilation on 2 c90 cassettes with very good bands and projects active in the early 90s.Here the discogs page of this German label where this double  compilation is not listed.
It does include some great projects such as :Telepherique,D.S.I.P.., Solanaceae Tau,Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata,
Brume,De Fabriek just to name a few.
Brilliant textures of ambient noise mixing a bit of esoteric
electronickx with some decelerate layers of extreme sonics.
It came out in  a VHS hard sleeve with a booklet including a page for each artist.All the scans included here.
Here the songtitles page:

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  1. another incredible post!!

    thank you tremendously for sharing such great releases!!
    immensely appreciated!!