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Tuesday 24 March 2015

KONSTRUKTIVISTS-Kracked At The Konservatory-(EE Tapes-Belgium-c90-1995)

Konstruktivits is a British industrial band. Formed in 1982, they were mostly active in the 1980s, with recording activity continuing until today.
The band was formed by Glenn Michael Wallis from his previous band Heute, a krautrock-influenced trio. 1990s members were Wallis, Lawrence Burton, Joseph Ahmed, R. Alcapone Shiells and Mark Crumby.
In 2000, Wallis changed the band's name to Konstruktivist, with the spelling Konstruktivists also being used.(from Wikipedia).
This is their official webpage. 
This tape was released in a limited edition of 100 copies by the legendary 
EE Tapes,Belgian label founded in 1987 by Eriek Van Havere, specializing in experimental, ambient and noise music. 
Alive and Kicking still today this is their actual website.
Enjoy this amazing  and quite rare tape.
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A1 Eurospace
A2 Epic Krack Mix
A3 K Ah Trance
A4 Art Dancer
A5 Stomper
B1 K.D.B. Mix
B2 13
B3 K-Funk
B4 Tale From The City
B5 The Rape Mix



  1. Thank you, I was looking for this rare cassettte for a very long time.
    All the best.