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Tuesday 17 March 2015

Flashpoint-Issue One-August 1995(Fanzine-Usa)

This is the first issue of Flashpoint,I posted already the second issue that was entirely dedicated to the genders relationships and problems,this instead is totally dedicated to the religion.

As Shannon used to do,this is a in  depth re-search about all the issues coming out from
religion:sexism,patriarchy,mind control,inquisition,moralism,ethnic cleansing,closed-mind people in control of our society,taboos,religious wars and other interesting articles make this  is a 58 pages(A4 size) long fanzine for people interested in politics throu religion.
Shannon was very active in the fanzine network in fact she was also behind the legendary ""The Whizzbanger Guide To Zine Distributors!" an excellent guide to the world of the underground publications.
To complete this post I  am attaching here the introduction that Shannon wrote for this issue.
Enjoy it,this is an excellent fanzine.
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