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Wednesday 25 March 2015

CHAIN D.L.K. issue 7 + CHAIN D.L.K. cd compilation n2-(fanzine+cd-Chain D.L.K.-Italy-1999)

Number 7 of the famous fanzine Chain D.L.K. created  by Marc Urselli in the mid 90s,this excellent fanzine is still on as webzine,check it here.
This number came out with a very good compilation on cd including amazing bands/projects from the goth-industrial and ebm scene.

Here I gonna attach the editorial taken from the second page of this issue and info about the cd taken from discogs.
Enjoy It.
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1 Kismet Weaving 4:20
2 Noxious Emotions Nitrogen (Tweek Version) 4:58
3 Ras.Al.Ghul Twin Structure (DLK Mix) 4:35
4 Phÿcus Vhemt 3:47
5 Eye (3) Logo Identity (Kill Koka Kola, Annihilate MuckDonalds) 4:23
6 Holland Bulb Head Untouchable 4:32
7 Anima In Fiamme Ferite (DLK Version) 4:33
8 Larry Gaab I See Geckos 4:31
9 TH26 & Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata Erosive Permutation 11 4:14
10 Argine Come Un Servo Da Mantice (DLK Version) 4:45
11 Apocrypho Kneel (DJ Vex Edit) 3:03
12 Bytet Doubting Angeles (Fanatic Mix) 4:31
13 Gary Flanagan Despite All Our Worries 2:47
14 Billy? Vi-O-Len 2:24
15 Confession Of Faith Barrow 4:19
16 Spiritual Front Her Favourite Confidential Destroyer 3:02
17 Second Skin (2) Club Sexxx (Extacy Mix) 4:29
18 M.E.M.O.R.Y. Lab, The Cambia (Change) 6:11


Included with Chain D.L.K. magazine, issue #7. Most tracks are previously unreleased or alternate versions.

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