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Wednesday 25 October 2017

AMEN This Is Religgion n6 + V.A.-Chant D` Amour-[Tape]+The Tapes/Intolerance-[Split C45]-(Fanzine + 2 Tapes-Amen Prod.-Italy-1987)

Another astonishing number of this amazing Italian fanzine, I have already posted the number 5.
In this issue: articles about Sylvia Plath, AndyWarhol, Underground Press, Psychic TV, Against kids torture, Nocturnal Emissions, Christian Religion and organization against the baptism, Magazzini Theatre Group, Gronge, Pedago Party, The Tapes and Intolerance + comics, poetries and news.
This issue came out with two tapes, a compilation covering French artists playing industrial and experimental music + a booklet covering the experimental French scene(literature, photography, art, music, and cinema) and another tape(c45) with two Italian projects: The Tapes(industrial ambient and esoteric electronic) and Intolerance(new wave-post punk).
A Discogs page about Amen(the label) is here.
This production is a piece of history of the industrial music and culture about the lively Italian scene emerging during the 80s.Only in Italian language and if you can`t read Italian then you can still enjoy the music.
Inspiring stuff.
Enjoy it.

tracklist of the French compilation
A1 Pacific 231 (2) & B. Wolf* Mind Mirror
A2 Vox Populi! Gole Mariame
A3 Phaeton Dernière Danse La Boue Où Je Finirai
A4 Le Syndicat & Phaeton Dernière Danse Cadavre Exquis
A5 Le Syndicat La Constellation De Cicatrices
A6 Pacific 231 (2) Mind Rorrim
B1 Prima Linea (2) Sans Titre
B2 Shub Niggurath Yog Sototh
B3 Clystere Sonate N°1  
 tracklist of the split tape The Tapes/Intolerance

A1 The Tapes Darstellung 1:40
A2 The Tapes Ritual 6:25
A3 The Tapes Industrial Party 4:20
A4 The Tapes Closed 3:45
A5 The Tapes Nervous Breakdown 4:38
A6 The Tapes Epilogo 0:40
B1 Intolerance Backfire 2:40
B2 Intolerance Zerstoerer 3:45
B3 Intolerance Wait And Kill 5:03
B4 Intolerance Noradrenalin 4:09
B5 Intolerance After The Rain 2:59
B6 Intolerance Terminal State 3:30

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