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Monday 30 October 2017


Great lp compilation talking about sexism and gender politics.
Quite old, here a small note taken from Nabate blog: "The idea was to collect music and written pieces on anti-sexism and feminism. It was released before we even think a computer could be of any help, before mobile phone, and before the Internet. We're talking typewriter, cut and paste layout (of real pieces of paper), post office mail, reel tapes, and cassettes."
Nabate was a DIY punk/hardcore label from Liege, Belgium. Founded in 1986 by Al Plastic and Manu (29) as an anarchist infoshop/bookstore and operated until 2000.
Very good selction of bands and tracks.If you are into HC Punk you`ll love this lp.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Atavistic Common Ground
A2 Active Minds (2) Not Your Property
A3 Dona Nobis Pacem Ballad Of Nature
A4 Pariapunk Indifférence
A5 So Much Hate Poor Little Macho
A6 Satanic Malfunctions Sexual Freedom, I Think Not!
A7 Satanic Malfunctions Words Worth Shouting
A8 Revulsion (2) World Without Hate
A9 Pleasant Valley Children What The World Needs Now
B1 Dissent (2) Another's Eyes
B2 Cringer Triangle
B3 Cringer Take Back The Night
B4 Dawn Of Liberty Blockade
B5 H.H.H.* Jim
B6 Culture Shock (3) Joyless
B7 The Ex Balcony


Sleeve comes as a large booklet with articles about feminism, woman liberation and against sexism.
Lyrics and info on the bands also included.