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Tuesday 12 August 2014

RELIGIOUS OVERDOSE-Half A Devil And Half A Child-(Aural Exciter,Switzerland,1994)+Flatus Flow Rate(Aural Exciter,Switzerland-1995)

Aural Exciter was a Swiss label active in the 90s, the mastermind behind this cool label was Dietmat Gallhammer, who was also playing guitar and singing in this amazing band: Religious Overdose.
I was in touch with DD and I Know that this label was 100% involved in political projects too and it had strong bonds with autonomous centers such as the 28 of Eindhoven(Holland), the Az of Aachen(Germany)  and
the collective Amanita in France.DD was active organizing gigs of independent bands(punk, noise...)and distributing music and fanzines in the alternative squat scene and via mail.
DD was clearly admitting that Religious Overdose was mainly influenced by bands such as Sonic Youth and Joy Division.
Before this band DD was playing in Jaywalker, another great band, I will post some productions by Jaywalker in future.
Those two tapes are professionally recorded in a studio and both have a nice graphic layout including lyrics and info.
For the lovers of creative music and interesting lyrics, those tapes are just a real treasure.
half a devil half a child
flatus flow rate

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