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Monday 18 August 2014

v.a.-HIT THE ROAD CAT-(Red Neon Tapes-Belgium-c90-1992)

Another compilation tape released on the experimental tape label created by Patrick Parent. It produced about 50 cassettes, some of which include New Hippies compilation series as well as material by the likes of Mlehst, Telepherique and M. Nomized.
This compilation came in a special folder with a nice graphic layout(pics included here) and it features international artists.
A very good compilation.Enjoy it.
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Here the tracklist
A01 Klimperei Le Bal Des Chats
A02 Lady June Maybe I'm Raining
A03 Time Kode Kats Talk
A04 Rénovation Urbaine Chapeau
A05 Eiaculazione Amusicale Angry Little Cats
A06 Alex Nu-Jetson Diamond Stud
A07 L'edarps A Moth Pussy Plays Bass
A08 Etat Des Stocks Zibie
A09 Kora (3) Robochaty
A10 Hänzel & Gretzel Marylin Can't By The Cat
A11 Time Kode Spacekats (Alien Mix)
A12 Bene Gesserit Si La Nuit Tous Les Chats Sont Gris, La Nuit Toutes Les Chattes Sont-Elles Grises?
A13 Klimperei Yddish Cat
A14 Time Kode Katspace (Relaxed Mix)
A15 Etat Des Stocks Sale Chat
B01 M.Nomized Minou Minou
B02 Die Rache New Cats
B03 Shrimp Eat Your Cat
B04 Sha 261 Le Blues Du Sha
B05 King Ebu Red Neon Cats
B06 D.M.A.D.T. Squeaky Cats
B07 Epidemik Noise System El Gato
B08 Dead Goldfish Ensemble, The Cats + Dogs
B09 Lady June Gemini
B10 Telepherique The Free Outsider
B11 Hänzel & Gretzel L'Amour De Zeus Et Diane
B12 Klimperei Le Bal Des Chats 2
B13 Etat Des Stocks Hit The Road The Cat

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