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Tuesday 19 August 2014

ONDE ROZZE-Sviluppo E Macerie-(Self Released-Italy-c60-1997)

Onde Rozze means Raw Waves and it seems to be a proper band playing a weird kind of noise industrial made with machines and instruments,effect on vocals and strange sonic experiments. 
They were from Bergamo(Northen Italy) and unfortunately there is very little info in the cover sleeve notes. 
An assault of echoes and screams,loops and  metal percussions make their game with  distorted guitars riffs in those  6 tracks.
The packages is very original: the tape is screwed in a sandpaper sleeve with a translucent xerox copy.A very nice idea of recycling art.I did included here lots of pictures of the package in order to give you a  good view of it.This tape was self released and I have no idea how many copies were distributed.
This is for the lovers of noise industrial and hypnotic sonic frazzled and rhythmic storms.
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