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Wednesday 13 August 2014

P.S. STAMPS BACK-78 (Cd-1000+1 TiLt Recordings-Greece-2002)

P.S. Stamps Back is the personal electronic project by Iason of 1000+1 tiLt recordings, I wrote already about this label in this blog.very good label of electronic experimental music without borders.
The first name of this project was No Girlfriend but Iason decided to change its name once his musical ideas became more satisfying.
There are few useful info listed on the cover-sleeve.
As far as I know this is the first cd by this project but there is more music on the net by him,please go to his 1000=1 TiLt soundcloud page.
A great cd of mellow white noise experiments mixed with pseudo dark ambient,lunatic loops,strange cut ups,processed layers of field recordings,altered rhythms and more weird frantic jingles.
I really like the name too,a real reference to the mail networking of the old days.
Very well done Iason:)
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