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Friday 22 August 2014

I REFUSE IT/CCM-Permanent Scar-Sfregio Permanente-[split tape]-(Self Released-Italy-c60-1983)

This tape was already on Radiomolotov blog yet this is my rip and it`s a bit different from the one on Radiomolotov( by the way that file isn`t available anymore).
My mp3s conversion is at 320 kpbs and I made different scans of the covers sleeve.I have to give a big thanx to Radiomolotv blog because I got there the correct song titles, in fact, the notes on the cover sleeve are very messy.
This tape was re-printed as lp in 1985,
Here all the info about the lp and the original tape on a Discogs page.

About the bands: I Refuse It and Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers are both very famous nowadays. They need no introduction to the punks worldwide and if you want to know more then the net is full of info about them.
Enjoy this very old tape,a classic of the past with a powerful energy that stands strong and original still today, more than 30 years after its release.



  1. Hello!

    I know I'm a bit late for this post (7 years!!) but I just found it. First of all, thanks for the rips (MC & LP) and the fantastic scans!!

    You mention you used Radio Molotov's tracklisting but Titus took it from Blogged & quartered mentioning some long debate there, and well, I'm the same Fernando who helped Vin/Stormy back then, with the tracklist of CCM's side of the split tape and the 1981 EP (even the Furious Party EP has a wrong tracklisting, still today in discogs for instance, but bloggers usually didn't believe me about that, which was a big, big mistake, haha!!)

    Your tracklists here are quite correct but not wholly. I don't know if you're still interested but...
    1) There's a small mistake (in fact it is MY mistake from years ago) in the CCM side of the tape version. b16 has indeed the same music called "Tellyson" in the 1981 EP but by 1983 it seem it had been re-titled as Any Sacrifice. CCM was very chaotic when writing tracklists of their releases and sometimes titled changed (maybe lyrics too... difficult to tell with Syd's screaming).

    Now, in the LP rip there's a txt file thats says you can't figure out the order. In fact that's easy, it's the same as in the tape minus the omitted songs (Life of Punishment and the last two tracks), but I'll write it down for you anyway in other comment.

    The I Refuse It tracklist is perfect in the tape, but is very wrong in the LP version (COR's fault apparently). I guess that needs another comment too (this one is becoming too long)

    To be continued...

  2. OK, comment nº 2.

    Tracklist for the LP CCM side is:
    1 Voice of the Blood / barber Wire World
    2 (Right to be) Italian
    3 Nation on Fire
    4 Envy (I'm a Mess)
    5 Foe or Friend
    6 (We're the) Juvenile Delinquency
    7 Work (Means Death)
    8 400 Fascists
    9 Alkool
    10 Every Day's a Reagan Day
    11 Best Party Ever / No Bore
    12 Bendix Power / Secret Hate
    13 Addiction
    14 Camp Darby Blues

    Thus, the COR's release omitted Life of Punishment (between 5 & 6, released in the PEACE 2LP some time before) and the last tracks, Any Sacrifice (aka Tellyson) and Need a Crime/Ultracore.

    The LP IRI! side has the last titles wrong. You have 6 Mannikin, 7 Spread of Disease and 8, Chocu umeret 2. But the real titles are:
    6 Story of my house
    7 Mannikin
    8 Spread of Disease (Contagio)

    You can check this comparing the songs in the LP with the ones in the Tape. Chocu umeret 2 is the small piano reprise at the end of the tape, and was never included in the COR LP even if the cover says otherwise (I dunno).

    OK I think that's all about tracklists...
    Your tape rip has a really clean sound but sadly it's seriously slowed, for instance Fall Down shoudl last 2:30 but in your rip (tape) it's like 2:45. It seems to happen in all the tracks (the CCM side too) but I didn't check one by one.

    OK; thanks for all, saludos!!

    Fernando :=

    1. @Fernando-thanks a lot for this long and useful comment-the coy of this tape that i had it is from a friedn fo mine,i shold ask him to lend me back this tape and check the speed ---I am sorry to know this...Hopefully somebody else wil make a better job after all these info here.