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Wednesday 27 August 2014

ADAPTORIES-Katas-(cd-1000+1 TiLt Recordings-Greece-2006)

Adaptories is an improvised band composed by 5 people.According to the notes on the backcover this cd was recorded in their practise room when it was just ready to be used.
Instruments used:drums,trumpets,microphones,pedal effects,guitars,laptops,synths,toys,metal tubes and amplifiers.
This is pure experimental music touching the avant-garde,the old school industrial and some weird yet genius art rock...well think about all this  music styles blended with a bit of noize...the final result is astonishing.
Another great relased by 1000+1 TiLt Recordings.
There are 3 song titles listed in Greek language,my friend La Maga provided english translations;Big Thanx.:)
This is for people into creative and  "unspeakable" music.
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