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Thursday 14 August 2014

GAY ANIMAL WOMEN-Extreme Abuse-(Self Released-UK-c20-1988)

Gay Animal Women seems to be another project by the English artist Stream Angel: a former member of Well Crucial and rare-but-vital contributor to the A Band. Of Scottish origin but now resident somewhere in the East Midlands. (from Lastfm).
This is a great short tape of furious violent sonic assault mixing primitive digital hardcore, some grindcore, screaming vocals and brutal shouts and more
crazy experiments of electro-industrial punk. As an introduction to those crazy songs and messages, I am going to attach here what it is reported on the back of the cover sleeve. This is for people into violent music with an attitude...
Just wonderful. Enjoy it.
the ps-this tape is unintended
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  1. hey, i downloaded the album and it doesn't seem to work. i've tried to open the file with 3 different programs so far. please get back to me ASAP.

  2. Hello, do you have more information about the band? greetings!

    1. Mariovelarde,this is the only production by this project that I have...