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Sunday 3 August 2014

FRATELLI RANDELLI-Per Chi Ancora Ci Sta Dentro-(Self Released-Italy-1995)[unreleased on the net]

Fratelli Randelli was an anarcho-punk band from Cuneo(Northern Italy), they were active at the beginning of the 90s playing a furious form of HC punk recalling the classic Italian bands such as Negazione and Wretched. This tape offers us the live recordings of two gigs, one for an action against the army in Cuneo and another one at the squat Torre Maura in Rome both in 1993. It was a benefit for "The Anarchist Laboratory" of their hometown and it seems that was released in 1995, no idea how many copies were distributed but I am pretty sure this is hard to find nowadays. The recording is not the best yet deliver us their fury as a live band and their strong political ideas. To complete my introduction I am going to attach here the translation of their message of the cover-sleeve, big thanx to Babs for the translation.
Also, you`ll find here a slide-show from my youtube channel.
As far as I know, this is unreleased on the net.
Chaos ,not Music.
ps-this tape is unindexed
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"[first line missing….]

But the reasons that led us to engage in these live concerts are quite different… First of all, the idea to form a band and play gigs around was born with the aim of financing projects and realities that reflect affinities between our thoughts and way of acting. That’s why we decided to start by expressing our solidarity, in this case with economic support, with two realities which are very close to us: the anarchist magazine GAS, a self-produced paper, and the anarchist self-defense committee. So the money you give us tonight, apart from a very little contribution (a very little one) for travel expenses, will go to these two realities as a proof – certainly not only one concerning money – of our sincere solidarity. Secondly, as you can see from the lyrics printed on this leaflet, we want to play gigs also to be able to stimulate certain emotions linked to Hard Core, which is increasingly becoming a ‘music genre’, while it’s losing its rebellious character and is being sold to the most unbelievable fashion lunacies. To be short… we like it this way… we hope our words and sound energy will provide some of you with points for reflection… but our words will remain just words if they don’t lead to action. For revolt."

‘Don't read odes, my son, read time-tables: they're more exact. Unroll the sea charts before it's too late. Be vigilant, don't sing. The day will come they nail lists to the gate again and paint marks on nay-sayers' chests. Learn to go unrecognized, learn more than I:

how to change your district, passport, face. Be skilled in small betrayals, the dirt of daily survival. Useful are the encyclicals for making fires, the manifestos: for wrapping up butter and salt for the defenseless. Anger and patience are needed to blow into the lungs of power the fine deadly dust ground by those who have learned much, who are fastidious in their ways, by you.’

Hans Magnus Enzensberger

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