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Sunday 29 December 2013

Various Artists-BLATANT PROPAGANDA,vol 1[cd-r+zine] (Blatant Propaganda Zine - Australia-1998)

Australian electro-industrial label which after many years of activity went into hibernation and offline in 2004 and resurrected in 2009 as a scaled down format as a compliment to the original and main project, Eye (3)
(from Discogs) 

This cd is not listed on Discogs and I think it is their first compilation. It came out with their zine(included here). The zine covers issues such as pharmaceutical frauds, against Mcdonalds, East Timor, cancer research, vaccination`s frauds and more.
The compilation is very good covering electronica, industrial and darkwave packed with very underground artists: Eye, Testube Sterile, Zeitgeist, Keystone, Novakill,T roll, Centrifuge, Aya and many more.

Professional recordings and good songs. Here 2 small reviews taken from one of their flyers:
"Blatant Propaganda vol. 1 has been keeping itself busy in my cd player for many moons.I have been really surprised by the high standard both of the bands and quality of the sound on the cd.I was able to appreciate all the bands involved in the project"(Terry Goldfain, editor of Revelations magazine - Adelaide ,Australia).

"that cd sampler is GREAT" Lord Litter, Germany-dj on Europe-wide  Radio Marabou.

It was released in a strictly limited edition and it was sold for only $5 or 4 IRC.
They are still active, here their webpage.On the same page you`ll find the list of all their old productions that are not available any longer, this compilation is one of them.
A very good one for people into ebm, darkwave,i ndustrial and the like.
Enjoy it!


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