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Saturday 28 December 2013

MAUSER FK-White man`s overbite (diy-demo - Holland -1992).

Yet another great band from the Netherlands (Amsterdam) that was directly influenced by Victims Family  and that released  one and only album "We `re right...", a jewel in Jazzcore to make it simple.
They played around Europe in the 1993-96 years, even had tour dates in France with Victims Family and one can feel other slight touches in the likes of NoMeansNo or Rhythm Pigs and more when listening to their wicked tunes.
We're talking Hit-Tunes here, of course.
Vocals: Hank. Bass-vocals: Dick. Guitar: Joeri. Drums: Marcel (aka Marzel ex-BGK, Nitwitz and now playing in Norton)-(info taken from youtube)

I have not much to add as I have no info about this band,I can only say that it`s a great demo,good recording and  very well played.
For the lovers of Victims Family,Assassins of God,NomeansNo!!!
A small treasure from the good old days.



  1. This is brilliant. Never heard of them before and i totally get the VF and NMN connection but this is also pure Beefeater and Minutemen influenced as well. "Plays For Lovers" and "Double Nickels On The Dime" as gateway drugs!

  2. Very nice, thanks for the upload dude.