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Thursday 26 December 2013

SIVULLINEN International Newsletter (graphix,info,news,underground press)

Sivullinen was a newsletter edited by Jouni Waarakangas in Helsinki(Finland)!!!
Jouni was printing in it everything  that was coming out from the underground  world.
This newsletter had no borders!!!
So we could find in it news about zines,comincs,tape labels,mail art,anarchist newspapers,poetries,short stories,experimental music,adverts for future compilation tapes,flyers of bands and their productions,mail art projects and whatever was related to  all those subjects .
The graphix layout  was messy and at the same time funny  on  2 A6 size folded pages .
It was printed 4 times at year in a printrun of 1000 copies and it was free although a donation in stamps would have been always very appreciated.Jouni was into trading zines and cassette productions!!

I guess everybody involved into mail networking during  the 90s (mail art,zines exchange, independent cassette labels etc) has received 1 or more issues of this  nice newsletter.
Jouni in fact was inviting everybody to pass it  on after using it and I am sure lots of people was actually doing so.
I did scan here 4 issues that I`ve found into my messy archive of zines,books,flyers,posters and more random papers that I suppose to sort out ;*(
A must for the lovers of  the underground press.


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