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Friday 20 December 2013

AGENT 86- won`t give up- (Rastacore Recs,USA-c10-1992)

Agent 86 was a band from U.S.A. playing  classic American punk,they released an album "Just say No" on New Wave Recs in 1992 and a bunch of 7iches on the same label and Arcatones label.
In 2001 a cd with the early days discography came out as a collaboration between Maloka,New Wave Recs and Boisleve labels. I think they are not active any more.
They sent me this demo to take part to No Legal Murder a compilation that I was assembling in 1992.
You can read and download this compilation on Radiomolotov blog as I did pass it to Titus  a couple of years ago.
I have a strange feeling that I got to know them at their gig at the Diskarika Squat in Foggia back in 1991-92 but I am not completely sure....arfffggggghhhg how sad is getting old ;(
A good demo for old punks.


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