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Wednesday 18 December 2013

FOLLORUM ENSEMBLE-musiche dall`altro medioevo (cd-r -diy-1997-Italy-)

Follorum Ensemble is a band from Puglia (Southern Italy),they were born in Foggia but later expanded their line up collaborating  with other musicians from that area.They are still active nowdays but the line up changed quite a few times since  they started back in the 90s,This cd is old and  it`s not available any longer.
When they started they were using the little chapel in the Ex Cim Occupato  in Foggia as practise room(Ex Cim was a big squatted hospital  with a little chapel-church in it)
They often played benefit gigs in this squat and during the summer they were often taking part to festivals and street parties .
Their music is a classic example of medieval music played with  ancient instruments.And they are definitely masters of those instruments.
Enjoy it.


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