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Sunday 17 January 2016

DACHISE/OUTERMOST-Sweet & Bitter-(Cat Move-Japan-c30-1996)

Dachise is Paul Daniel Knowles:Musician from London, UK. The Dachise moniker was retired in 1999. Currently using the name The Digitariat
Outermost is  a Japanese noise (sounds from garage, junk, harsh to lo-fi) project run by Kei Yokota.I already posted two tape by him you`ll find them here and here.  
They share this c30 assaulting us with noise industrial of two different kind.
Cat Move is the Japanese label run by Kei Yokota aka Outermost,focused on noise, noisecore and similiar extreme genres(All the info taken from discogs)
This rip is been kindly donated by B.A.O.! A very big "thank you " for this nice gift.
Enjoy it.
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