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Thursday 14 January 2016

v.a.SCHMOLL Compilation-(Dhyana Records-Germany-1998)

This is an esquisite piece of magnetic tape.A great sampler by this very good German label :Dhyana.
It delivers us magnificent music by amazing projects playing ambient,esoteric electronickx,industrial and more experimental weirdness.
This label is still active and you can check the lastest news on their webpage here.
Schmoll Compilation came out  with a big folded cover-sleeve in a limited edition of only 150 handnumbered copies.
Enjoy it.
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A1 M.Nomized Flying Object 3:40
A2 Everything Against Him She Sells Sea Shells By The Sea Shore 4:05
A3 Deep (2) Aqua Jungle 3:20
A4 Orderly Chaos Smog 5:14
A5 Hermafrodit Za Posevni Stenou 5:26
A6 Wurzelbewußtsein Atta Im Wald 4:45
A7 Voltolux >Melde< 5:20
A8 Mathias Huber The Dub-Line 2:30
A9 Paramecium (2) Gel-Tauchfahrt 4:38
B1 Genoveva Dms Big Hit >Great Record By The Way< 1:44
B2 Blumm* Dengelophonie Nr. 3 2:50
B3 Spakken Knorke Let's Fetz 2:59
B4 Harald Sack Ziegler Frankfurt - Walking Down - Weh Weh Wah 3:09
B5 Disumana Res Astyanax 3:50
B6 Big City Orchestra / Das George Washington 2:13
B7 No Mit Anlauf Gegen Eine Wand 4:28
B8 Najbar-Ajo Untergang Der Titanic 3:18
B9 Das Rhythmische Ornament Liebeslied Vor Es 5:38
B10 Forces Vives Low-Fi Tranquility 3:40
B11 Polifonica Lugubre The Hidden Cage 4:20

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