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Saturday 31 October 2020

Protuberanzed-Doomsday Machine-(Absetzer-Russia-2008)

Protuberanzed "Doomsday Machine" is album, released in 2008 by first Russian Rhythmic Noise label "Absetzer".
Doomsday Machine is an hypothetic device that could destroy the life on Earth or even Earth itself when the machine is activated - it's the apotheosis of mutual guaranteed destruction doctrine.
Protuberanzed is the second project of Nullklever (after Fornax) that was created on the 31.08.2007. Differences from Fornax are: rhythmic and harsh sound, grim atmosphere.
-Arkady Nullklever - 
Absetzer is a digital label (netlabel) dedicated to extreme forms of rhythmic electronic music, such as rhythmic noise, hard IDM, and digital hardcore. Absetzer is the part of Alter-X Promotion Project. The label was managed by Seclorum (a part of Frequency Alcyone) until AB-006, by Denoizer and Nullklever after.           click me  

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