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Monday 19 October 2020

v.a.-The Plot Thickens 2005 - (Coven H-UK-2005)

I wrote already about Hekate in  a  specific post about them  last year,unfortnately I still have to write about Random Artists even if I have been to many of their exhibitions held in London in the last 10 years.

This CDr was realeased for Hekate & RandomArtists exhibition of same name happening in Praha, CZ on 4th & 5th August 2005 (from 1 pm - 10 pm) at Twilight Zone record shop and B3 pub. 

This sampler offer to us many musicians involved in Random Artists and Hekate playing breakcore,IDM and other shapes of electro-madness.

A nice cd from the very underground European electronic music scene of the last decade.

Enjoy it.

:f(a*r)a*w~a/y click me


1 The Reverend Slow Art 4:27
2 FZV FZ-Revisited 7:24
3 Hue Jah Fink Dr Hue Vs. The Cybermum 5:22
4 Atwar Rapobot_onitsway 4:50
5 Controlled Weirdness* Zombie Bass 5:06
6 Blackmass Plastics Top Notch 5:11
7 Ronin (2) 20 Dead Sound Bwoys In The Back Of Me Van 6:12
8 The Wirebug Gush Fatty 4:27
9 FSV* AbstraktBolloxKore 4:28
10 Controlled Weirdness* Enter The Secret Castle 6:11
11 Editor (2) Track 2 5:40
12L.A. Moreboy Part 2 4:20



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