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Saturday 24 January 2015

EIACULAZIONE AMUSICALE-De-Composizioni(zine-Self Released-Italy-1990)+EMANAZIONE AFONA-De-Composizioni Sonore-(Contaminated Prods-Italy-c46-1992)

This is the first fanzine by the ghost collective E.A.,a project already covered in this blog few times,here and here and here too.
This fanzine was released in a limited edition of 100 numbered copies,it contains amazing collages,art-works by few mail artists,poetries and "ready made" art-works.The cover was made with wall paper-I tried to provide few extra scans to give a better idea of the "ready made" works.It was mainly distributed via mail,I am afraid the poetries are only in Italian language.
 For this project E.A. means No-musical Ejaculation.
In 1992 this collective decided to work on the same idea  trying  to mix poetry and music. More than 10 people took part in this project, and it is definitely the project where E.A. managed to work as a proper collective even if the people involved didn’t` even know. The tape was recorded with a fostex 4 tracks recorder. The music evolves into areas such as weird pop, sound-collage, sonic poetries, dark ambient and pure experimental music using: microphones, pedals effects, guitar, bass, drum machine, flutes, vocals, loops, tapes, radio, and more. It is the cassette that includes more music genres; although never very well defined. The poetries  were written by various people involved in this project. It came in a plasticized cover-sleeve,150 copies were distributed mainly via mail by Contaminated Prods.This is the only tape that was in 2006 printed on cd,very few copies handed over as gift for close friends.
For this project E.A. means Aphonic Emanation.

Enjoy It.
de-composizioni sonore 

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