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Sunday 18 January 2015

HISTATIC CHARGE-Why Do I Always Hafta Do The Dishes-(Set Cassettes-c30-USA-1991)

This is a classic from the underground cassette culture of the late 80s and I will c+p here something I have found on the Vuzh Music Webpage.
" Terry Burke was my first true-blue cassette underground contact back in the olden days before there was such a thing as the internets... before there was such a thing as netlabels. Terry's musical output under the name Histatic Charge was limited in terms of releases, I think he only had two tapes, and then he did a couple of compilations with his tape label... but it didn't even matter, for me it was the "Aha!" moment, you could throw down some high weirdness on tape, slap a photocopied cover on that baby and start mailing them to people and as easy as that you could be DOING music. You didn't have to prove yourself to anyone. (I actually had already released two tapes by the point I'd made this discovery, but I had not thought of them as anything other than one "demo" and one art project.)"

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