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Friday 9 January 2015

HOVERCRAFT-Akathisia-(cd-Blast First-Mute-UK-1997-)

This is the first full length  cd by the amazing experimental band Hovercraft.A defunct band from Seattle, founded 1993 by Ryan Campbell (alias Campbell 2000) and Beth Liebling (alias Sadie 7, Eddie Vedder's former wife), out of the ashes of the band called Space Helmet, which also included members of Magnog. They gave their last concert 16th February 2001 in Seattle.
It is rumored that Eddie Vedder was a drummer for this band going first as full-time drummer under the name Jerome230 and then joining them on tour later on.
Together with Mary Hansen, they released an album under the moniker Schema (5).(from Discogs)
And this is their actual webpage where you can read old reviews,see the pics,get the full discography and download some  live recordings too.
Great album.
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