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Wednesday 28 January 2015

VOMITO-Demo-(Self Released-Italy-1988)+Live Video(taken from Italia Metallica show in Benevento-1989)-[Unreleased on the Net]

This is the very first HC Punk band from Benevento(Southern Italy),they were active in the late 80s for few years and they played live only in their area.
Very young and active in the anarchist scene they were the only band singing protest songs and playing very fast music in that small town.
This is their only release,as far as I know it`s unreleased on the net.
To finish this post I am attaching here the only video where they appear playing live.
Puppybarf transferred this demo on cd back in 2006,Agostino passed me the raw video file of that gig with all the bands involved and Guglielmo made the final editing of the Vomito part of this long video.
A very big thanx to you 3.
This post is dedicated to the memory of Ilario(the bass player).
Enjoy it.
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