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Sunday 4 January 2015

IGNE NATURA RENOVATUM INTEGRA-Igne Natura Renovatum Integra-(Anomaly Music-Russia-c46-1995)

Igne Natura Renovatum Integra was thee project by the  Russian sound artists Leonid Savin [guitar , voices, harmonica, percussion] and Andrey Ivanov [bass, voices, percussion, noise].. Andrey "Atheist" Ivanov appears to currently be active with thee project Misery, and has also participated in thee projects Off The Cuff, 2nd Off The Cuff, Медве На Мече.. the sounds for this release are lo-fi sound collage techniques utilised in a fairly interesting manner.. great esoteric album art and Latin track titles.. sure some of you out there will enjoy this one, another great rare old cassette-(review by Crepusculum)
A very good tape-work from Russia,check this out...yes I did passed it to Vita Ignes...blog few years back-worth re-posting it here. 
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