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Sunday 10 May 2015

v.a.-ELEGY #2-(EE Tapes-Belgium-c60-1997)

Amazing compilation released in 1997 by the Belgian EE tapes,here a very interesting interview with the mastermind of this cool label Eriek Van Havere,and those are his sites eetapes.be, MySpace.
This excellent sampler features very good artists playing ambient/drone/esoterick electornickx and similar styles.
It was released in a limited edition of 100 copies on chrome cassette and it was also available in limited quantity on minidisc 60 format.
Enjoy it.

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De Fabriek Doni I 3:35
Collapse (2) An Ever Fading Memory, A Never Fading Memory 5:17
Hybryds Wailing For The Fallen Angels (Live) 8:35
Alchemy Of The 20th Century Taken By Shining Sea 4:06
TBC (2) & Scour Swelling Threat 5:32
Hypnoskull City At Night 2:13
De Fabriek Flamenco Dub 0:35
Psych Krist Kastrator Depths And How To Fall Them 5:35
Disumana Res Dark Ceremony 5:02
NKVD (2) Are You Lonely 3:36
Meeuw Muzak Ranzig (Deel 3) 4:35
Gaya* Scared Tongue 3:01
Sveen Walhallah 1:33
Disumana Res I Made You 6:26


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