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Thursday 28 May 2015

v.a.-AUTOMOZIONE-(Contaminated Productions-Italy-c60-1990)

First compilation by the amazing italian label Contaminated Productions,I posted already few releases by this label here and here and here.
A bunch of italian bands(but Trottel) active in the end of the 80s,fast and furious HC punk with political lyrics,quite few of them very unknown at the time.
It came out with a small booklet with lyrics,contacts + graphix by the bands included and few articles about self productions and self management.
Enjoy it.

A1 Panico (3) Nervi
A2 Panico (3) La Mia Testa
A3 Nullafacenti Nullafacenti
A4 Nullafacenti Morto Dentro
A5 Black Flowers (3) Vi Dico No
A6 Black Flowers (3) Cadaveri Innocenti
A7 Bandiera Dell'Odio Non Solo Amarezza Dopo L'Inganno
A8 Bandiera Dell'Odio Dolore
A9 M.A.B. (4) Nessuna Droga
A10 M.A.B. (4) Chiesa Puttana
B1 Trottel Barricades
B2 Atrox (7) Futuro
B3 Atrox (7) Città Maledetta
B4 Vomito (3) Italia Razzista
B5 Vomito (3) 1000 Leoncavallo
B6 Contrasto (3) Intro/Non Sparate Sui Contrasto
B7 Caesar Crash White's Flame
B8 Caesar Crash Mi Pongo Domande
B9 MDG (2) Condannati
B10 MDG (2) Ti Odio
B11 Digos Goat Burattini
B12 Digos Goat Dimmi Perché

A5-A6 Recorded live at CSA Sobbalzo (IM), 25 Feb 1989.
B2-B3 Recorded live Centro Sociale Aldo Moro, 3 June 1988 (Agrate Brianza)

200 pressed with different color covers: Green, Red, Blue

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