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Saturday 16 May 2015

RYTHMXP-Rythmxp-(MXP Label-Switzerland-c60-1993)

I do not know much about this project beside the fact that MXP seems to be a collective and a label at the same time,hailing from Geneve in Switzerland and active during the 90s.
This project offer us  strange and complex sonics made of  dysfunctional ambient passages  alternating themselves with a good dose of rhythmic teknoid.
Both sides are live recordings of 2 different performances in Germany:
side A live in Hanau and side B live in Stuttgart both on november 1993!
As overall  both  recordings are pretty  good. 
This will make happy some people into industrial weird music touching the abstract,the noise and lots of  rhythms too.
Enjoy it.
ps-this tape is not indexed

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