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Monday 4 May 2015

BIG CITY ORCHESTRA/ILLUSION OF SAFETY-Mail Collaboration-(Realization-Usa-1990)

Another cassette produced with the help of the letter box,a  bit  like Onco+Culver and Ehi/Not Breathing or C-drik/Deleted tapes. 
I wrote already about Big City Orchestra, one of the most idiosyncratic and original groups of the past two decades,there are quite few posts about them on this blog,so I am not going to bother now.
Illusion of Safety is Daniel Burke,active since the 1983 and working alone or with various collaborators,they have released over 20 CDs on labels such as Complacency, Die Stadt, Experimedia, Odd Size, Silent, Soleilmoon, Staalplaat, Tesco, and Waystyx, and played over three hundred gigs in Europe and North America. IOS's work has been called ambient, post-industrial, electro-acoustic, noise, sound collage, improvisation, and power electronics, but they are unwilling to limit their work to any given style or method. The sonic character and affective substance of the music will often shift abruptly within each recording and live performance. 
Actual webpage:illusionofsafety.net
Realization Recording is an experimental music label run by Jon Booth.It is still active nowadays,here their webpage.

Enjoy it.
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