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Friday 15 May 2015

B.T.F.- INTERNAL AUTONOMY-Split tape-(Contaminated Productions-Italy-c60-1994)

This split tape is the 15th production of this Italian label.A c60 shared with 2 English bands.
B.T.F. stands for Blitzed To Fuck and they were from Salisbury ,active since the end of the 80 they play an aggressive form of anarcopunk.
Not too much info about them,sorry.
Internal Autonomy was a project/band founded by the singer Nikki and the drummer Al.Their line up changed various times and they recorded lots of stuff,here a discogs page about them.They play a very good post-punk with political and personal lyrics.
As far as I know they are still active using the name Feroxide,here a page about them and here their facebook page.
Both bands have good recordings and few info  on the folded cover-sleeve.
Enjoy it.
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