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Monday 11 May 2015

v.a.-Los Que Alimentan El Odio...Con Odio Se Encontraran-(Cd-Coproduction[Cryptas Recs,Illy Joker Recs,Esperanza Viva Recs]-Mexico-2002)

Long compilation cd with lots of bands hailing from Peru and playing anarcopunk.
It came out  with a nice long booklet with info + lyrics,graphix and contacs of the bands involved.
It seems to be a  co-production between 3 Mexican labels:Esperanza Viva,Cryptas Records and Illy Joker Recs.
All the recordings are pretty good and almost all the band play HC punk sung in Spanish.Expect political lyrics and violent music.
Enjoy it.
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  1. hola Gracias por subir el compilatorio, pero me gustaría saber como me lo bajo.. Paz

  2. hola Franco Bara-ajar esta compilation esta` muy facil,clicca su "click me"...y despues clicca sobre download...