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Wednesday 5 March 2014

EYE - Aphazia 1992-1998 (Eye-cd-r-Australia-1998)

Here the amazing project  EYE- I wrote briefly about them when i posted the fanzine Blatant Propaganda,here the link in case you missed that post!!!
This is a great projet of political orientated Ebm from Australia,they were managing a small label and a fanzine.
Here  their actual webpage where this cd does not seem to be listed but there is more news about them and the new cd.
For the lovers of electro body music.This is a MUST.


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  1. There is now (at last) some later albums of EYE music online at
    http://www.EyeMusic.info ... and also via this page - several albums & links - http://www.AustralianGothicIndustrialMusic.com/bands/eye-band-music-songs.html