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Tuesday 18 March 2014

ATTACKED BY WOLVES - Up A Bit From Down - (Destroy All Music-UK-1994-c30)

Another tape released by Destroy all Music,good enough I have found one copy of their catalogue so here I am going to copy what they wrote to introduce this tape on their catalogue.
"Attacked by Wolves-Up A Bit From Down(c30-£1.50)-some of the best stuff yet from this man,he creates crop circles of avant-garde which gradually stray temporarily into the fields of avant-rock, like a cross of Factor X ,Small Things but mostly ZGA with runaway scuzz-honk.Don`t ignore..."
About this scottish label active during the 90s here what they wrote:
"Destroy All Music is a new kind of label specialising in lo-fi noise-art-punk-jazz-no-wayexperimental and anything with alternative edge or viewpoint.Destroy All Music is also a queercore label,written big and proud and wants confrontational bands ,so if you are in a band send us a tape or what you are just interested!!!"

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