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Monday 3 March 2014

Massive Love n1 (Sept. 1991) + Massive Love n2 (June 1993) [fanzine-Resistance Productions-Switzerland]

I  wrote already about Resistance Productions when I posted the compilations "Punk is..." here if you want to check that post.
Resistance Prods  was a small diy label managed by Pablo,Lara and Fts in Switzerland in the beginning of the 90s.
They were publishing the zine called No Sancturay and few others + tapes.
When Pablo and Lara became parents they started  Massive Love zine,as they called it a zine by punk parents for punk parents.
On those 2 issues you can read articles about home-birth,disposable diapers,inoculation,kids vegan diet,home schooling,lesbians mums,vegan diet during pregnancy and lactation + letters and few reviews of other zines.Here I am going to write down the introduction that Lara wrote for the first issue. Very interesting little zines with a lot of  current issues.


"After breastfeeding,changing and washing nappies and cuddling Suzy,I finally managed to finish the 1st issue of Massive Love,a zine
dedicated to alternative ways of child raising.I have started it to answer the questions I am asking myself now that I am a mum.
To get to know other punk parents so that we can share our experiences and support each others in our struggle against society`s rules,to prove that having children doesn`t mean conformity to society.
To write down my thoughts and my feelings about my new situation,for other  people to write down their thoughts and feelings cos I love doing zines and I will keep on `till I am an old granny!!!"

massive love 1

massive love 2

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  1. those zines are great..im not father,but i think we can learn a lot about...how make the children more free....
    thanks for this,mate!!

    the news generations will bring...the anarchy!!!