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Saturday 1 March 2014

v.a - ANDREAS n10 -The Machine - (c60-Fraction Studio-France-1994)

As requested by Profil I am re-posting here this compilation that I passed to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog 4 years ago,here the same "review"!!!
This compilation idea was an ongoing project created by Michael Madrange of Fraction Studios in France. This issue is dedicated to subject "the machine". Different artists take part in this compilation tape released in 1994 as c60. It came out with an A4 sheet with infos about the bands included in this folder.

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Track listing:
a01-ETAT DES DTOCKS-welcome to the machine
a02-FROIDE EQUATION-machine,still working
a03-IN THE GAZA MEGAKITISCH-plus lourd que la machine
a04-SIEGFRIED GRUNDMANN-NEUBERI-suffer:can't reach the engine to be with you
a05-LA FRESTO-machine
a06-M.E.3-la machine tourne
a07-HEX MINORA-the gentle birth of Saoism
a08-T.Q.C.M.-taladradora de sobremesa
a09-engines 1
b02-ESPRESSIONE ASTRATTA-engine`s orgasm
b03-OKANIWA FUMIHIRO-engine yaemon
b04-THE GOLOZOS-la machine caline
b05-WESTLAND-music box
b06-KORA-comprese lo motor
b07-engines 2

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