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Saturday 15 March 2014

v.a.-PORTUGAL INDIO, Contras A Comemoracoes Dos Descobrimentos-(Crack! zine-Portugal-199?)

A portuguese compilation released by Crack! zine,I guess in 1992.
The  subject of this compilation is the  anti-celebration of the american continent`s discovery.
Bands included:Subcaos, Inkisicao, Corrosao Caotica, Rumor Caustico, Desordeiros, Hipocondriacos,
X-Acto, Noite de Navoeiros,Evisceration,P.V.L.A.,!The music here is hc punk,grind core and crust punk with political lyirics.

The only band or project offering us a strange ambient that seems  to be made with field recording is Culto(O)Culto.
Enjoy it.


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