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Sunday 30 March 2014

DISSCIORDA/PASTAFROLLA-split tape-(Italy - diy - 200?)

Carletto of Dissciorda gave me this tape long time ago and when I deciced  to pass it to Radiomoltov blog , I realized that i couldn`t index it properly.There are lots of unlisted tracks on it so I did put it aside waiting for help,eventually only 2 months ago I met Alfredo(the drummer of Dissciorda) who helped me to index it properly.(many thanx Alfredo)
I do not  know much about Pastafrolla rather than they were  from Caserta and friends of Dissciorda .
Alfredo wrote this small introduction for this post:
"Dissciorda formed in Caserta in 1996. The name of the band is a jolly teasing of all ‘”Dis” bands , which at the time were springing up in the European HC scene (“sciorda” means diarrhoea in dialect), but it is also a way of recalling  Discharge and above all their lyrics of pacifist anarcho-punk  inspiration, depicting possible post-nuclear war scenarios and actual horrors such as famine, exploitation and the violence on which capitalism is based. The first line-up included Carletto (guitar/vocals), Giovanni (guitar), Alfredo (drums), Alessandro (vocals) and Ciro (bass). A few months later Nicola took the place of Ciro, and the band started playing their own tracks and touring between the regions of Campania and Puglia (mainly in squats and social centres). Their first self-produced 7-inch,  “Il marchio della vostra infamia”, was issued in 1999, in collaboration with Ennio (Kollapsed Reality), who in the meantime had taken the place of Nicola as bass player, whereas Andrea had taken the place of Alessandro as lead vocals. 
Between 2000 and 2001, Dissciorda toured again but in 2002 they had to face yet another change in the line-up, as Daniele (ex Pastafrolla) took the place of Andrea as lead vocals. Their live concerts were becoming rare, in spite of the fact that the band continued to create new tracks. These were included in the LP “Alienation Breeders”, issued by Agipunk in 2005. The record got a good review in Maximum Rocknroll  (although they tore the artwork to pieces!). After the record was issued, the band played in Modena and Rome, the last two concerts of the band. A few months later Dissciorda disbanded, although not in an explicitly straight way." 

Here a slide show I made with the pics that Carletto and Alfredo passed me 2 years go,as far as I know there is no footage of their gigs and they never played outside Italy so this slide show is the only chance to see them playing.
To complete this post I am also attaching a review of their cd taken from Maximum Rock`n`Roll  magazine.This cd is still available as free download here  on radiomolotov blog.
"Damn this is really good! I like this more every time I listen to it. Unfortunately it´s fair to say this record looks really bad. With a logo stolen from Discharge and some less-than-exciting picture you´d problably pass this up. But this band is not a Disclone. DISSCIORDA plays some really out-standing punk that is recorded with the perfect amount of clarity while remaining intensely driving and raw. I love the vocals - they are not the least bit crusty, but are instead youth-fully shouted in both the English and Italian languages with passion and convinction. In fact the vocals remind me of FINAL CONFLICT. The reason i review for MRR is for bands like this, I would have not heard this until it was ten years old otherwise. I suggest that you find it quickly. Another awesome release from Agipunk." (WK) Maximum Rock n Roll #263
As far as I know this split tape was not  distributed,Carletto made few copies to pass it around to a small circle of friends and musicians.Thanx to Babs for the English translation of Alfredo`s introduction.The recordings of both bands are just excellent.Enjoy it.

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